Phillip Askew Yoga Weekend
Hosted by Alexis Martin Yoga
Novemeber 4 - 5, 2017
At the Coronado Civic Center   |   150 North Pine Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Join us for the Entire Weekend!
$225 (after October 15th $250)
***Phillip is also offerring private sessions over the weekend. This is a specialty experience that you don't want to miss. Only a limited number of privates are available, so be sure to reserve early. Email or call Alexis at 386-214-3769 or to schedule your own personal session.
Weekend Schedule & Class Decriptions ...
Core Labs
Saturday, November 4th (9:30am-12pm)
$55 Early/$65 after October 15th
In this mindful yet intensive Core Labs workshop learn highly translatable movement skills through exercises of stabilization, joint differentiation, proper breathing, control, and neuromuscular re-patterning. There is an art and a science involved- we'll be doing no crunches or hip-flexor pumping. Rather, we'll emphasize efficiency of movement while operating in full ranges of motion in a variety of exercises each with a specific intention within the core complex.

Many contemporary yogis the world over are supplementing their Yoga practice with core conditioning. Personally, my backbends have never felt so integrated, my hip-openers have never felt so juicy, my inversions have never felt as "locked in" as they have since I've incorporated these exercises taught to me by my Pilates teacher, Teri Steele.

This class produces a strong, long-lasting endorphin buzz and is a perfect compliment to a serious Yoga practice. 

Get Over Yourself! Inversion Workshop: Handstands, Forearmstands, Headsands, Armbalances   
Saturday, November 4th (2pm-4:30pm)
$55 Early/$65 after October 15th
Many yoga practitioners struggle with the elusive inversion practice. Most often, the chief obstacles are mental. We have a natural aversion to inversion. Practicing these full-body poses requires a willful suspension of instincts and a concentrated presence of mind, without which no progress is made. One must train, not only one’s body, but one’s very neurology. This mind-body training can only be executed by corralling one’s spirit and curtailing one’s instinctual drives.

There are many practical tools which, when mastered, will give you a solid footing in the sky. In this workshop, we will discuss and employ techniques and exercises to help you bridge the gap leading to a stable inversion practice. Specifically, we’ll be working with jumping, pressing and active-lowering to and from the shapes of Forward Split, Tuck, Straddle, Half-Straddle & Pike. We will learn exercises both at the wall and in the middle of the room, as well as the proper and most useful methods for assisting others.

[In the advanced workshops, we will also practice Bicycles, Helicopters, Scissors, Twists, Side-Bends, Seaweed Legs, Elbow Taps, Figa, Scorpions, Hollowbacks, OAHS.]

Through clarity of intention and mental focus, we will pierce through the veil of perception, and see through the false boundaries we’ve each set up for ourselves. Get Over Yourself! Inversion Lab.

Hips & Twists
Sunday, November 5th (9:30am-12pm)
$55 Early/$65 after October 15th
Deep, grounding satisfaction. Drop in & dig deep for this earthy, rhythmic, and momentous class focused on stability, sensuality, and satisfaction. Flush your organs, floss your joints, cleanse your body, clear your mind. Wring out your insides, yielding clarity, mobility, & a refreshing serenity. 
Full Practice
Sunday, November 5th (2pm-4:30pm)
$55 Early/$65 after October 15th
A complete circle, a full revolution. Drop in and dig deep for hip opening sequences yielding stability, sensuality, and satisfaction. Open! to channel the superabundant cosmic energy by backbending in devotion and integrity. Change your mind, change your perspective experience the joy, exhilaration, and empowerment of inversions. Wring out your insides and detox! with twists. All in this master class, thematically layered & expertly timed to an emotional arc so as to illicit a powerful cathartic experience. 
Any questions or inquiries: Contact Alexis Martin at  or 386.214.3769
Refund Policy: One month prior to event FULL refund less $20.  After 1 month prior to event - NO REFUNDS.


I came to Yoga no stranger to the joys of physicality. But my body was a wreck from sports that I played growing up. I was tremendously inflexible with ailments in my neck and back. For me, at the time, the simplest postures were- not only deeply therapeutic- but poignant vehicles for psychic transformation. It was this effect on my conscious mind that hooked me into the practice. I spent years in home practice before ever coming to class, thinking that my experience was too personal to share in a group setting. But, when I took my first Vinyasa class, in a room full of people, all practicing with one intention, all stoking the same fire, I fell in love with Vinyasa; and pursued it through various avenues over the years, searching out the through-lines and common threads from one school to the next, & embracing the lifestyle of the Contemporary Yoga Movement. I teach today from that space between, in an attempt to convey the love story between form and flow, dancer and witness, devotion and integrity, Sun and Moon. I look forward to our practice together!  


Novemeber 4 - 5
Entire Weekend
$225 (after October 15th $250)
150 North Pine Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Any questions or inquiries
contact Alexis Martin at
or 386.214.3769


is across the street and a great option for accomodations for the weekend.
Call 386-898-9444 for rates


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